Podyam – Take ownership of your ESG data

A complete solution to manage, analyze
and optimize portfolios with sustainable
development goals.
A complete solution to manage, analyze and optimizeportfolios with a sustainable development objectives.

Join Businesses who have started to edge out their game by using Podium360 for a reliable and durable investment goals.

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    Adopt as a standalone solution or integrated with our IS
    Podium360 ESG can be adopted as a standalone solution or integrated with existing Client Lifecycle Management processes, enabling you to maximize efficiency and reduce manual effort. Integrated seamlessly into any technology landscape, Podium360 ESG enables the centralization and management of ESG compliance across multiple business lines and channels, including client outreach platforms.

    Make changes easily & instantly through no-code configuration
    Podium360’s dedicated, intuitive Configuration User Interface empowers your business to make changes easily and instantly to ratings models, data sets, workflows and more, to fit with your organization’s operating model without requiring IT support. It also provides a full audit of all configuration changes through versioning, subject to governance controls as defined by your organization, enabling you to easily evidence model changes to auditors.

    Comply with ESG regulations
    Complete with ESG accelerators (workflow and rules engine), Podium360 ESG gives financial institutions peace of mind with future-proofed compliance and coverage for evolving ESG regulatory requirements including the EU Taxonomy, SFDR, CSRD and TCFD.

    With Podium360 ESG, financial firms can incorporate dynamic, rules driven, dedicated ESG data capture, document requirements and related party rules into existing operating models.

    By leveraging integrations to Podium360’s market leading ESG data partners, you can automate and enhance ESG data collection and ratings.

    Enabling financial firms to optimize efficiencies and reduce silos between operational teams. 

    Simplify ESG ratings & calculate risk assessments
    Podium360 ESG is built on best-practice ESG models that enable firms to simplify risk ratings. Podium360's entity classification calculator dynamically assigns individual and aggregate E, S and G ratings to each entity. Podium360's ESG Risk Engine automatically calculates climate, reputational and complementary ESG risks.